Profoundly Simple

One Hope and Comfort

A Perspective to think about with the infamous question: Why is there suffering in this world?

Mindset on Fiction Literature

I think Russell Moore has a good mindset about this topic.  It can be well applied for entertainment in general.

40 Plays
Allen Stone
Bare Necessities


It’s just the bare necessities…

Reblogging an old post because it’s that good.

Well, it’s like I always tell my kids: If you’re living in God’s will for your life, when you run into a problem, that’s not your problem to fix, that’s God’s problem to fix. When you’re living in God’s will for your life and you run into an obstacle, that’s not your obstacle, that’s God’s obstacle. My days are stress-free knowing that.
— A Driver in Florida (Jon Acuff’s Blog)
If you think you are going to get rich through a job that excludes God and a Christian witness, God will let you get close enough to the wealth to taste it but then keep it just beyond your grasp. If you think you are going to become famous in show business and are willing to leave the commands of God behind in your upward scramble to get there, God will let you get close enough to know and envy others who have made it but keep you an unknown. Do you think that God will not do this: That He is too “kind?” I tell you that God will do it, he is faithful to his nature and will not allow the one He loves to be destroyed through an adulterous infatuation with this world’s idols.
— James Boice (HT: Garnet Kim)

The Perception of Suffering

Something that has been on mind recently that stemmed from reading John Piper’s book and men’s retreat.

Oh… My…  This was a really good Queens medley.

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